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Case Study

Understanding & Communication

confused menteeYou have just explained a new approach to your mentee. As you were explaining, they nodded the entire time as if they understood every word you were saying. When you were finished with your explanation, you asked them if they had any questions. They said “no.” Just to make sure, you asked them if everything was clear. They said “yes.” Three days later you ask the mentee how their work is progressing using the new approach and they say they haven’t started because they do not understand the approach.

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Your ability to mentor well can have a huge impact on the overall experience and the productivity of both you and your mentee. Good research mentoring can help increase the diversity and success of students who pursue research careers.
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 “Mentor training is a wonderful opportunity to formally learn and reflect on mentoring.  The mentors in my group will no doubt mentor many other students in their careers. I believe this seminar will help them to do so more effectively.”